The Professional Point

The real estate market has changed notably within the last 12 months - formerly dormant communities are finally becoming active with new developments.

Now is a good time to ensure your real estate firms have the right coverages.

North Point's Professional Department is the place to turn for:

Real Estate Agents & BrokersAppraisers

Home InspectorsTitle AgentMortgage Broker

Brokerage Capabilities at North Point

We have recently added several new markets to expand our abilities to place your accounts

Make North Point your #1 go-to for:

  • Property risks up to $30 million; coastal & non-coastal
  • Heavy contractors and products-based risks
  • Domestic & overseas manufacturers/distributors, and habitational schedules
  • Excess Casualty and Umbrellas
  • Environmental risks - including Monoline CPL on all contractors and GL/CPL/PL Packages on environmental contractors

North Point Personal Lines

Making Your Job Easier

Our desktop rater will simplify the placement of your Homeowner and Dwelling risks in Georgia

Using basic information, instantly quote these classes:

Coverage A limits between $100,000 - $350,000 Monoline Homeowners Lapse Bad credit Corporate owned Seasonal Short-term rentals Long-term rental Vacant dwellings

Hit List

DP3 - Rental Dwellings $14,236
EPLI - Physician's Office $3,778
E & O - Insurance Agency $17,554
Marine - Vessel Protection $13,500
PKG - Shopping Center $4,120
CGL - Utility Contractor $11,250
E & O - Trustees $8,510
PKG - Beverage Store $3,200
Property - Vacant Building $958
Garage - Garage Keeper's $1,225
E & O - Title Agency $11,000
PKG - LRO Office & Apartments $6,550
PROP - Apartments $43,488
XS Liability - Utility Contractor $16,748
IM - Equipment $3,007
E & O/ GL - Nanny Staffing Agency $2,500