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Umbrella & Excess Liability

Vacant Building Property & Liability

Inland Marine

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Commercial Property


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Insurance for Contractors

Variety of in-house binding and brokerage products able to handle:

  • Primary general liability and excess liability coverage

  • Various enhancements and bundled coverages to meet contract requirements

  • Contractors pollution coverage

  • Annual or project specific policies

  • Contractor's equipment—scheduled equipment, miscellaneous tools, leased & rented equipment

  • General contractors

  • Paper GC's (100% work subcontracted)

  • Artisan contractors

  • Marine contractors

  • Remodeling contractors

  • Restoration contractors

  • New ventures

  • Risks with losses

  • Risks with lapses in coverage

  • Non-renewals due to audit process

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Environmental Liability

  • Low-minimum premiums

  • Contractors pollution liability & premises pollution liability

  • Monoline and package policies including commercial general liability and professional liability coverage

  • Expanded coverage options for lead, asbestos, mold and transportation pollution liability

  • Claims-made and occurrence forms

  • Project specific & annual practices policies

  • Single year policy terms and multiyear policy terms

  • In-house binding and brokerage products available

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Umbrella & Excess Liability

  • Admitted & non-admitted markets

  • Umbrella, follow-form excess over primary, or excess liability

  • Supported & unsupported excess products

  • Claims-made & occurrence forms

  • Products can accommodate higher limit requirements

  • Minimum premiums as low as $500

  • In-house binding & brokerage products

Lines of Business Umbrella and Excess Liability Products can be Excess of:

  • Commercial general liability

  • Commercial auto liability

  • Employee benefits liability

  • Workmen's com/employers liability

  • Garage liability

  • Liquor liability

  • Pollution liability

  • Products liability

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Vacant Building Property & Liability

  • Admitted & non-admitted markets

  • Monoline or package products available

  • Annual or term policies

  • Commercial or residential properties

  • Fully vacant or partial occupancies

  • Replacement cost valuation available

  • With or without renovations

  • Reduced or no minimum earned premiums

  • In-house binding & brokerage products

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Inland Marine Insurance

  • Admitted and non-admitted markets

  • Monoline or package products available

  • In-house binding products with low minimum premiums

  • Brokerage products supported by carriers staffed with marine-knowledgeable underwriters with years of experience

Broad offerings of classes of business including but not limited to:

  • Builder's risk

  • Contractor's equipment

  • Miscellaneous property floater

  • Rigger's liability

  • Motor truck cargo

  • Warehouseman's legal liability

  • Bailees

  • Communications including technology & medical equipment

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Product Liability Insurance

  • Emphasis on importers, distributors and manufacturers of variety of products

  • Coverages available include commercial general liability, stand-alone products liability, and excess products liability

  • Occurrence and claims-made policy forms available

  • Broadened coverage enhancements including but not limited to products withdrawal/recall expense, crisis event and civil penalty reimbursement

In-house binding and Brokerage products available to support:

  • New products and/or start-up companies

  • Product risk ranging from low hazard to "hard to place"

  • Non-renewed risks

  • Risks with claim activity

  • Discontinued products

  • Life sciences products

  • Various types of specific contract language required by vendor(s)

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Logging Contractors and Timber Dealers Program

  • 27 year southeast focused exclusive proprietary program

  • Specific program for logging contractors and timber dealers

  • Various overcut and fire damage sublimits available

  • The policy can be tailored to meet mill coverage requirements

  • Broader coverage than an E & S logging policy

  • Umbrella markets also available!

a building under construction

Builder's Risk

Property Exposures:

  • New construction/ground-up

  • Renovations

  • Property in transit

  • Soft costs

  • Theft of building materials

  • Temporary off site storage

GL Exposures:

  • Owner's interest (premises or project owner)

  • General contractor

  • Owner's & contractors protective liability (OCP)

Available Coverages Include:

  • Property

  • General liability

  • Excess liability

  • Contractor's pollution liability

  • Inland marine


  • Annual, short-term or project specific policies available

  • Monoline or package products available

  • In-house binding and brokerage products available

  • Various products supporting commercial and residential exposures

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Coastal Property

  • Sizable in-house program for the St. Augustine to HHI wind gate

  • Brokerage markets available for other SE coastlines and risks over $5M TIV

  • Monoline Wind and/or Hail Coverage

  • Wind Deductible Buy Back Products

  • Flood capabilities

  • Various Property Coverage Enhancements for direct and indirect property exposures

  • Flexibility with structuring multi-peril deductibles

  • Support property exposures within various distances to tidal waters

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Commercial Package

  • Strip shopping centers/LRO

  • Mercantile

  • Antique shops

  • Small to medium sized tenant dwelling schedules

  • Package stores and convenience stores

  • Bars, taverns, and restaurants

  • Civic and social clubs

  • Apartments and condos

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Commercial Property

  • Old or historical properties

  • Protection class 9 or 10

  • Loss history issues

  • Warehousing

  • Processing and manufacturing

  • Short fuse risks

  • Bars, taverns, and restaurants

  • Small to medium sized rental dwelling schedules

  • Habitational

a boat yard


  • Dock and seawall contractors

  • Marine artisan contractors

  • Boat repair and rigging

  • Boat dealers and storage

  • Dredging contractors

  • Boat lift installation and service

  • HOA's with docks

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Hospitality / Liquor Liability

  • Sports bars and restaurants

  • Special events

  • Pool halls and bowling alleys

  • Bartending services

  • Halls and caterers

  • Convenience and package stores

  • Civic and social clubs

a car with its hood open


  • Auto repair and service shops

  • Body shops

  • Used car dealers

  • Emergency road side repair

  • Tractor trailer, large commercial vehicles, and trailer repair

  • Customization shops

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