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Allied Healthcare & Medical Professional Liability Insurance

  • GL available for some classes/professions

  • Can include GL & sexual misconduct coverage

GL Available for Some Classes/Professions

Can Include GL & Sexual Misconduct Coverage

Classes Included but Not Limited to:

  • Counselors

  • Medical transport companies

  • Pharmacies/pharmacists

  • Home healthcare agencies

  • Clinics

  • Medical spas

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Healthcare staffing firms

  • Sleep disorder clinics

  • Veterinarians

  • Blood banks

  • Medical testing labs

  • Imaging & X-ray facilities

  • Drug & alcohol rehab facilities

  • Social service agencies

  • Surgery centers

  • Therapists

  • Life sciences organizations

  • Group homes

  • Durable medical equipment suppliers

  • Clinical trials & research organizations

  • Fertility services & sperm banks

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Architects/Engineers Professional Liability

  • Admitted & non admitted markets

  • $2,000 minimum premium

  • Primary & excess coverage available

  • GL available on some accounts

  • Specific policy forms for contractors

    • Can include rectification coverage on some accounts

    • Specific policy form for real estate developers

    • Coverage for small/clean firms & challenging/distressed firms

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Cyber Liability

  • $1,500 minimum premium

  • Admitted & non-admitted carriers

  • Primary & excess coverage available

  • Robust coverage including cyber crime (social engineering)

  • Some of the most experienced carriers in the cyber marketplace

  • Our professional team is available for client meetings & presentations to your staff/clients

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Employment Practices Liability

  • Low minimum premiums

  • Retentions as low as $1,000

  • Admitted and non-admitted carriers

  • Direct bill available with some markets

  • Can be written with or without D&O coverage

  • Companies without current coverage are eligible

  • Wage & hour (FLSA) coverage available for some accounts

  • Coverage available for firms with challenging claims history

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Management Liability

  • D&O, EPL, fiduciary, & crime coverages available

  • Low minimum premiums

  • For profit & non-profit companies/organizations

  • Admitted carriers

  • Excess coverage available

  • Direct bill available from some carriers

  • Coverage available for publicly traded companies

  • Coverage for financially strong firms as well as start-ups & financially distressed firms

  • Stand alone tail/ERP policies available to satisfy buy/sell agreement

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Miscellaneous Professional Liability

  • Admitted & non-admitted markets

  • Primary & excess coverage available

  • Direct bill available with some carriers

  • GL available for some classes/professions

Classes Included but Not Limited to:

  • Accountants,

  • Franchisers

  • Real estate agents

  • Third party administrators

  • Collection agents

  • Lawyers

  • Staffing firms

  • Title agents

  • Consultants

  • Mortgage brokers

  • Technology firms

  • Trustees

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